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The Now Show & other Radio 4 satirical comedy

Pure Metal
26-07-2005, 21:51
anybody else love the BBC Radio 4 comedy shows aired on Friday night (repeated saturday lunchtime)? its currently the Now Show, but switches to the News Quiz and (i think its still on) Dead Ringers throughout the year. i've been listening for years now but i rarely hear anybody speak about these shows... shame :(

you can listen to last week's episode here (, though they have no audience for a change (so it sounds kinda weird :confused: )

favourite bit from last week's ep: the Margaret Thatcher bit..... clicky ( :cool:
26-07-2005, 22:12
I prefer Just a Minute and the re-runs of Dad's Army and Hancock's Half-Hour they play on BBC 7.
26-07-2005, 22:15
I liked the War of the Worlds skit.

No-one would have believed thatin the last years of the 20th century that, across the gulf of the Atlantic minds immeasurably inferior to ours studied our history with envious eyes.

And slowly.

But surely.

They nicked it.