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Does ethnic pride make sense?

Brians Test
26-07-2005, 19:41
Personally, I think that it doesn't make sense to be proud of something you have nothing to do with.
26-07-2005, 19:46
Simple...nope! :D

One can not (or should not) take pride in something they had no control over. It was only by chance that I was born an American of Irish-Catholic descent.

What I can take pride in however, are my accomplishments. I'm an actor, an artist, an Honor student, a major otaku, a Boy Scout on the track to Eagle and a good person.

THOSE are mere examples of things one should have pride in.
Cabra West
26-07-2005, 19:48
What on earth is "ethnic pride"?
Eris Illuminated
26-07-2005, 19:49
Ethnic pride makes sense when you belong to an ethnic group that certain assholes try to make you feel shame for belonging to.
26-07-2005, 19:49
Oops, I voted as though it said 'racial pride'.

I don't understand quite what you mean by 'ethnic pride', could you explain it a little?
26-07-2005, 19:55
it sorta does

so much of what we call pride makes no sense. im proud of my son. why? everything he's done is stuff HE can be proud of, i didnt do it.

when someone else overcomes some big obstacle we say to them "im so proud of you!". what does THAT Mean?

so if i idenify with the culture im living in or with the culture my ancestors came from and i say im proud to be... half lithuanian... it makes no sense but it seems very human to me.

surely it makes as much sense as a small town parade does.
Alien Born
26-07-2005, 20:30
If you mean pride in the culture that I am actively part of, then it does make sense.

If however you mean pride in the culture that my direct ancestors came from, but of which I am not a part, then it makes no sense at all.

However if you want to be proud of your culture, you also have to be prepared to be ashamed of it, and apologise for it when necessary.

As such I do not hold with "ethnic pride". I can live quite happily with personal and family pride and shame thank you.
26-07-2005, 20:40
It makes sense, up to a certain degree.

For example, ethnic pride should not mean thinking yourself as superior to others.