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Lance has won the Tour De France for the 7th time

24-07-2005, 17:06
Congrats to Lance for a record 7 wins in a row.
24-07-2005, 17:12
One would have thought that there would have been more fanfare about it...

Though I suppose once you've won 7 in a row, the mystery and drama is kind of taken out of it and people don't really want to see the same thing over and over again.

In any case...Hooray for Lance Armstrong!
24-07-2005, 17:16
Good for him.

Fortunatley, it was his last Tour de France,
The Downmarching Void
24-07-2005, 17:26
:D Awesome. Congratulations to him. I'm glad he's stepping down to let others have a go. They let him give a speech from the podium @ the Arc De Triomphe (sp?) First and only time thats been allowed. It was a good speech, I'm sure it'll be replayed as a soundbite on all the decent newschannels.
24-07-2005, 17:30
I'm glad he's stepping down to let others have a go.


Would you really want to be the next athleate that won just because armstrong retired rather then nessisarily being able to beat him?

But anyways I can see how this kind of lifestyle would be absolutely dreadful after a while … he is probably in a form of semi-training phase year round

That would make for an exceedingly boring life for me

Grats Armstrong