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# US Navy Seals and Elite Forces victims of a "Rambo like" in Afghanistan

07-07-2005, 01:58
US Navy Seals and Elite Forces victims of a "Rambo" like scenario in Afghanistan
Wednesday, 06/07/2005

Special forces killed or carried disappeared in hostile zone, cut down helicopter, bombardments: the American army has been empêtrée for one week in the east of Afghanistan in a "scenario in Rambo" which cost the life to at least two soldiers and carries a serious blow to its image.

The rout of the American special forces in the province of Kunar (is), revealed on June 28 by the crushing of an American helicopter cut down by a rebellious shooting whereas it came to the rescue, proved to be dramatic Tuesday.
"One is not indeed far from Rambo", indicates a Western military source in Kabul, in reference to the hero of the American cinema of the Eighties, old green beret called to disentangle indémêlables situations, whose last adventures ("Rambo III", 1989) were in Afghanistan.

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