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Follow the finger

06-05-2005, 05:14

Soon after Stowers found the finger in a mouthful of chocolate soft-serve he bought Sunday at Kohl's Frozen Custard, he put it away in his freezer at home, taking it only occasionaly to show to television cameras.

He refused to give it to the shop's owner, and refused to give it to a doctor who was treating 23-year-old Brandon Fizer, who accidentally stuck his hand in a mixing machine and had his right index finger lopped off at the first knuckle.

Medical experts say an attempt to reattach a severed finger can generally be made within six hours.

But according to the shop's management, Stowers wouldn't give it back when he was in the store 30 minutes after the accident.

Stowers' attorney, Lee Andrews of Greensboro, wouldn't say if a lawsuit against Kohl's is planned, saying he needed "to get some more facts."

But Andrews said his client is concerned about possible disease in the fingertip and kept it because he wanted someone to test it for "all the diseases that are out here now."

Good to know that people are so sue-happy in this country that they will refuse to give a man his own finger when it can still be reattached.
Greater Valia
06-05-2005, 05:16
06-05-2005, 05:16
well, I am sure he will be counter-sued for this.
06-05-2005, 05:44
In an unrelated incident, I once got sued for giving a guy the finger.

Damned if you do....
06-05-2005, 13:35
In an unrelated incident, I once got sued for giving a guy the finger.

Damned if you do....

Did someone really sue you for that, or are you making it up to be funny?
06-05-2005, 13:40
How incredibly selfish of him...

Though I do wonder, when that guys finger was lopped off, what possessed the business to continue serving people knowing that it was in the food somewhere?