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POLL!! Bruce Lee Vs. Chewbacca

29-03-2005, 14:11
Simple question-Who wins in a cage match to the death?

Bruce Lee


Chewbacca http
29-03-2005, 14:12
Chewie all the way
Legless Pirates
29-03-2005, 14:14
29-03-2005, 14:17
Although I enjoy Bruce Lee movies I have to Chewbacca. Nobody
can defeat Chewbacca :)
29-03-2005, 14:17
Bruce Lee, hands down. I doubt there is a wookie whose furry ass he couldn't kick.
29-03-2005, 14:18
My advice to you would be, let the wookie win.
29-03-2005, 14:27
'Droids don't pull arms out of people's sockets when they lose, Wookies are known to do that'

Chewy puts two hands on Bruce and it is over.
Drunk commies reborn
29-03-2005, 16:22
Bruce Lee. He was just too quick for Chewbacca. Plus he was incredibly strong for his size.
29-03-2005, 16:24
Bruce Lee all the way. I mean, did you see how incredibly HARD he kicked that guy's head in Enter The Dragon? I rewind that part and watch it over and over because the sheer power is amazing. Chewbacca would just make him mad and Bruce would fuck em up.
29-03-2005, 16:33
Chewie, all the way. He would destroy Lee because of his size and stamina. Chewie lives by the adage, takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. Only possible way I see of winning against a wookie is by intimidating him, and that just doesnt seem feasible now does it? So, paws down, Chewie.

29-03-2005, 16:34
Chewbacca, simply becuase hes a 8ft foot high bear creature, which is bad enough, he also has lots of laser guns, bruce lee dosent. and hell i doubt matial arts would work on him, what he going to do kick him loads.
29-03-2005, 16:36
Bruce Lee is way too quick for Chewie as said before plus you know Bruce Lee is the guy who at a martial arts competition, sent a guy hurtling back with one of his 1 inch punch. He also had a 3 inch punch as well and this was knocking back black belts with no problem.

Chewie could rip his arms off but Bruce has a slippery kind of body. Very agile so he'd roll under Chewie I'm sure once or twice.

Bruce Lee gets my vote.
29-03-2005, 16:37
lets not forget that fact that wookies have some pretty good sized claws that lay retracted in their arms, as well as to wear the belt that chewie does around his body he had to kill a very vicious creature eating plant, and remove its fiber with nothing more then simple weapons like a knife and his own hands. quite the warrior.

sure, bruce lee can kick and such, but the muscle that a wookie has goes beyond what a human has.

"let the wookie win"
29-03-2005, 16:39
If it came to it chewy would just shoot him, then he and han solo would go drinking.
Teh Cameron Clan
29-03-2005, 16:47
"let the wookie win" <--- that is the only thing that needs to be said...
Daistallia 2104
29-03-2005, 18:23
(Just to be stupidly obstinate)
Neither one -Bruce Lee's dead and Chewbacca's imaginary. :D