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Youth Activism magazine

07-02-2005, 07:57
This group of highscool kids in my town started an amazing entirely be students. It tackles serious issues, has amazing interviews... it's my new favortie magazine. Even better, its totally un-biased and does a really nice job of representing all sides of an issue. Here's stuff they've had recently.

The crisis in sudan, the tsunami, gay marriage, gun control, abortion, stem cell research, social security, rock n' roll, anti-depressents, civil rights...

But what's even cooler is the people they interview... a guy who dedicated his life to civil dissobediance, a holocaust survivor, refugees and even neo-nazis. They're so cool.

Anyway, they had a thing in this month asking both for submssions (on just about any topic) and also for paid writers. To see about either one, or to get a subscription or a copy of the magazine, this is the email adress they give.