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Caption Contest (yes, another one!)

01-02-2005, 16:55
Here's your pic, funniest caption wins.... go!
01-02-2005, 16:58
The Axel of Evil
01-02-2005, 17:17
Nice, anyone else want to submit a caption? It is hard I'll admit!
Lascivious Maximus
01-02-2005, 17:23
"And once again, demonstrating the brilliant capacity of a primate's learning, here is shown an otherwise simple chimp that has learned how to ride a bicycle!"
01-02-2005, 17:29
"Hey Dick! Outta my way!"
Legless Pirates
01-02-2005, 17:30
"To the left. The left!!!"
"Left?!? I'm no goddamn commie"
01-02-2005, 17:35
"Next Stop: Iran!"
Illich Jackal
01-02-2005, 17:44
"exxon mobil is proud to announce it donates thousands of bikes to help 'special' children"
Legless Pirates
01-02-2005, 17:48
"I think I can, I think I can..."
Snake Eaters
01-02-2005, 17:51
Legless Pirates
01-02-2005, 17:56
ET phone home
The TFU Saints
01-02-2005, 17:57
"But I wanted a Weapon of Mass Destruction for Christmas!"
"Don't be absurd Georgie, we both know you just wanted the oil."
01-02-2005, 18:31
My First Bike - complete with Logos, from Playmobil, ages 3-5.
Haken Rider
01-02-2005, 19:58
"A bike were you don't need to be president to master it"

Damn, made it poltitcal. :(
New British Glory
01-02-2005, 20:40
Now didn't I warn you not to take the stabilisers off...
01-02-2005, 20:44
Look here Pinochio a bike

I'm a real president