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British Hercules crashes in Iraq

30-01-2005, 16:32
News report just in that a British Hercules crashed North of Baghdad. (

No word yet on specifics, but I hope it was ferrying cargo and not personnel.
30-01-2005, 17:12
how many people would a hercules carry?
The State of It
30-01-2005, 17:30
Lots. Up to 200, if it's the type of plane I'm thinking of.

Not sure though.

I just saw it on the news, they say the wreckage is spread over miles.

It was crashed near Baghdad, like the US helicopter that had two crew in.

Shot down?
Republic of Texas
30-01-2005, 18:01
The Hercules, a US-built troop carrier used by both British and American forces, is capable of transporting around 50 soldiers. The aircraft is primarily used to ferry troops from the British sector headquarters in Basra to the Iraqi capital.

I hope it was carrying cargo. :(
30-01-2005, 18:32
My dad is in baghdad, at the airbase this plane flew out of. I talked to him a few minutes ago by phone and he said it was carrying a few troops and the brits think it may have been a midair collision.
30-01-2005, 23:56
The hurcules actually carries about 130 fully loaded. So far, Tony Blair has said that "around 10" were aboard, with a "highly unlikely" that it exceeded 15. (

While I find it suprising that the manifest is not available by now, I am glad that it appears that the craft was not fully laden.