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Gordon Parks: Guilty

The Infinite Dunes
29-01-2005, 01:56
Today Richard Parks was found guilty of murdering his wife. On its own this isn't really surprising, we're most likely to be murdered by someone we know.

Carol Parks went missing in July 1976. The police openned up a missing persons case, but to no avail. For 21 years Carol's body lay 80ft beneath surface of Conniston lake in the Lake District. Her body wouldn't have been found if by chance some divers had strayed into the murkier part of the lake where her body was dumped. Even they wouldn't have found her body if the body had been dumped a little further, where is would have sunk to the bottom of the lake.

I know of this case so much as my Dad was the editor of a documentary of this 'Lady of the Lake'. At the time I was being ill a far bit and he was taking me into work to look after me.