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Microsoft Forgot Poland

21-01-2005, 22:15
On the clock in the corner of the taskbar, when you double click it and select, "Time Zones" you'll see a small map. There is water where Poland should be.
Sumamba Buwhan
21-01-2005, 22:17
Antarctica is missing too! Damn them!
21-01-2005, 22:18
The EU did that with Wales in a factbook, the Irish Sea extended all the way to the English border.
You Forgot Poland
21-01-2005, 22:26
What the shit!?!?!?!?!

I'm going to sue these software-bundling bitches so hard they'll think they were in a Turkish prison! The whole timezone! I want a class action, like with Erin Brockovitch!
21-01-2005, 22:27
My thoughts exactly.
The Infinite Dunes
21-01-2005, 22:33
so just how bored were you when you stumbled across that then?
21-01-2005, 22:34
can that be considered.....racist? Or maybe even a hate crime?

Makes one question the ethics of Microsoft lol!
The Underground City
21-01-2005, 22:39
Makes one question the ethics of Microsoft lol!

Microsoft has ethics???
22-01-2005, 03:49
What is this world coming to, Liberals and corporate giants forgetting our most supportive ally. Damn them all.

I especially like how they cant spell Bush

See "Buhs"