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Are you paranoid?

24-12-2004, 20:38
I'm a little paranoid...
24-12-2004, 20:39
Who said that? :eek:
24-12-2004, 20:41
Who are all these people! :eek:
24-12-2004, 20:41
I'm not paranoid, cause they really ARE out to get me!

but seriously, no I'm not :P
New Genoa
24-12-2004, 20:51
I'm not saying anything.
Slacker Clowns
24-12-2004, 20:55
Who wants to know?

Are you a spy? Huh?

You're out to get me, aren't you!

But to answer your question: I'm not paranoid at all... ;)
Green israel
24-12-2004, 20:59
well, I live in Israel. If I wasn't be a little paranoid, I would die.
25-12-2004, 00:12
There msut be a conspiriacy to ignroe this topic :eek:
CornixPes II
25-12-2004, 00:43
They can't prove anything.
25-12-2004, 00:47
im not paranoid. Like I said im not paranoid.

There watching my everymove... I know it, and there after me i will get them... get them all!!! :eek:
25-12-2004, 00:48
*Man comes in with Black Suit....

"Oh yes we can...."
(prove anything)