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Quick, how many legs hath a Katydid?

The Mycon
08-11-2004, 08:33
It's a bit of an emergency...
Man or Astroman
08-11-2004, 08:35
08-11-2004, 08:37
6 like most (all?) insects
The Mycon
08-11-2004, 08:37
ERm... I can miss one question.

The next one that's giving me pause is "An average of 2.8 children."

The answer choices are all about cooking soup...
08-11-2004, 08:40
SIX! Oh too late.

Wot ARE you on about, anyway? Soup?

Also, yes, Erastide, all insects have six legs.
The Mycon
08-11-2004, 08:45
I'm reliving my childhood's most entertaining & pointless videogames in order to supress an urge to take apart my Ex's car after jimmying the lock into some guy's apartment building basement aroused the mechanic in me.
08-11-2004, 08:49
Six, right?
08-11-2004, 09:20
Buy and build models... that will help with thoses tendencies... then blow them up with Fireworks on the 4th or New Years... that'll empty your shelves.
08-11-2004, 16:11
All insects have 6 legs.

If it has 8 and no antennae, it's an arachnid
If it has 8 or more and antennae, it's a crustacean
If it has 18 or more, it's a myriapod.
08-11-2004, 16:12
All insects have 6 legs.

If it has 8 and no antennae, it's an arachnid
If it has 8 or more and antennae, it's a crustacean
If it has 18 or more, it's a myriapod.

If it's got more legs than me and is smaller and won't fight's dead.
08-11-2004, 16:28
I don't know what Katy did, but if involved her legs, I'm interested.
08-11-2004, 16:43
Dude, if you have a 'net connection -- GOOGLE it.


The Mycon
08-11-2004, 20:22
You now see why I would like to never go to parties on a Sunday, and why drinking while posting is wrong. I should have specifically mentioned that this was about the quiz from Earthworm Jim 2 in the OP, and not about the actual insect, instead of assuming that everybody already knew what I was talking about.

There's this Alt-prom thing, you see, for people who didn't like their real one. I have a family tradition that I failed to keep, thus making me unsatisfied with my HS one. You are to show up for 15 minutes, get smashed off the punch, make sure no-one's watching, then go do something you actually find fun & interesting. This wasn't forced-formal occasion, so I wasn't wasting an $80 tuxedo rental, and satisfied myself thusly.

But, around an hour later, my obsessed stalker calls me to come back and get to know some of his friends. He claims there's still cake, so I consent, stuff a whole piece in my mouth, and use that as an excuse not to chat with people trying to dance for half an hour. The party ends, everyone's either trying to grab a pretty star or a balloon, and then someone gets the idea to check for Helium, and it catches on. Since there's only one person there who's able to untie the knots in them, I use the multi-tool I keep in my pocket pretty much 24/7, and cut off the knots while people pinch just above them, everybody loves me. I get a dozen people telling me to go to the afterparty, I smile and nod, and then say I'm just gonna go back to my dorm to grab my Tequila.

I immediately start playing Heroes III of Might and Magic, no intention of leaving. One of them actually comes to my room, though, so I change, shove promised bottle into a hidden pocket in my pants, try to be sociable for a while... until they start taking body shots with the tequila. I intend to have one more drink and leave, but some 200lb+ kid sits on my lap with about three sips left in my current one. A language major, like everyone else who isn't a writing or English major here (God-damn fucking Pseudo-intellectuals...), she starts trying to converse with everyone around in Italian & Portugese, and tried to correct my French Pronouncition when I cussed her out in Arabic. This continued for a while, until finally she gets up, and immediately a fuse blows. My multi-tool has an LED attachment, I hunt around for a second, help people find a flashlight, and try to leave.

Apparently, I'm one of three homosexuals on earth with a science related major, and the other two had already paired off for the night by time a fuse blew. Since the apartment owner didn't want to call the landlord around 1 AM Monday with 50 drunken 18 year olds generally being as annoying & horny as most people stereotype fags to be, he enlists me, having more tools than are usually in the apartment. He doesn't believe me that the fusebox has to be in the basement until I prove to him I know the general layout, because I know the hot water pipes are central in the building, because that's how every apartment building older than indoor plumbing is designed.

The basement's locked, of course, but I convince him that I could pick any lock the building has with my multi-tool, wedge the door open a few inches, and bend the phillips head attachment until I can unscrew the plate attaching the padlock to the wall. Five minutes later, I'm bored, so I just rip the last screw out, carefully hang all the screws in the latch, and announce "you can tell I've done this before, can't you?" The look on his face is priceless.

I flip the basement light switch. No dice, so I get out the LED again, use my Cell for a bit of extra lighting, and dig through the basement while they all mutter about how the spiderwebs & dark & how this is so creepy & just like The Blair Witch Project. I find the circut breaker, flip two switches, and cheering erupts throughout the building as the 50 drunk 18 year olds destroy my hopes of stealth. I bat-out-of-hell it out of the basement, put the screws back into their holes, and then whack the plate with the flat of my multi-tool, shoving all screws into place until someone tries to open it again and they all fall out.

Now, everybody love me more, the people too drunk to find the bathroom in the dark want me, and I get mobbed and molested. I got rid of my tequila, jimmied a lock, and fixed a popped circuit, so my life feels fulfilled for a while. I get that last drink & come home, being told every five seconds how I'm welcome anytime to either renter, but my inner mechanic is aroused in that destructive way that hits most teenagers. For some reason, it makes sense to start playing games from before I really started noticing guys, so I open up Earthworm Jim 2, get quizzed while debating only slightly better than most other forumgoers, and run across the question which inspired this thread.

I knew that, in reality, the answer is six, but there are questions such as "Q: Who is Leo Tolstoy? A:Dead" & the above "Q: An Average of 2.8 Children A: What if you drain the broth? How many noodles are there then?"

Also, I should still mention that for this part
supress an urge to take apart my Ex's car
I had every intention of putting it back together, and would probably have it running better than before, but would make a horrible mess and take up three parking spaces, the going rate of which in Pittsburgh is about the price of the car.

Dude, if you have a 'net connection -- GOOGLE it.
Exactly what I did when I woke up. The correct answer, in this context, was "Eleven?"
Vittos Ordination
08-11-2004, 21:06
If it's got more legs than me and is smaller and won't fight's dead.

What about kittens and puppies?

You kitten killer.

By the way, puppies taste great with a little Country Bob's seasoning.
08-11-2004, 21:41
It's a bit of an emergency...


Its an insect
Christian Ways
08-11-2004, 21:48
I don't know what Katy did, but if involved her legs, I'm interested.