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Ohio Election Results-Your Views?

04-11-2004, 02:51
Well, the election is over, and in many ways I'm releaved. But, one thing bothers me...

Ohio was one of 11 states to pass (by a surprising margin:70%-30%) a state constitutional ban on gay marriages. Out of all the states, though, ours was the most constrictive. While defining marriage as between a man and a woman, it also goes so far as to say that even hetero-sexual couples cannot jointly own property, etc. without a marriage license. I was wondering what other Americans (and even some people from other coutries) thought about this. I was particularly surprised when I learned that Oregon passed the ban as well. They typically vote more librally. I'd like to hear from some Oregonians as to why they passed it as well. Even though I'm a conservative, I was against it because I thought it went too far. Both Senators, many churches, and the Governor (Yes, I know, Bob Taft is a moron) were against it, yet it still passed.


So, fire away!