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Disappointed, not surprised

Nag Ehgoeg
03-11-2004, 16:18
I don't believe that people didn't expect Bush to win. Now I run my nation as according to my views (Civil Rights: Superb, Economy: Imploded, Political Freedoms: Excellent) and I expected Bush to win. Now I get my information from as many media sources as possible to reduce bias (as I've stated on other, anti-war, threads) and I placed Kerry as Bush's biggest threat at 20:1 odds of pulling it off.

Now if you (are British and) pay attension to just mainstream media I don't see how you could have put Kerry's odds at better than 1 in 10 and by listening only to far left media (Socailist Worker, Socailist Review, etc) you might maybe take the odds to 1 in 2 if you listened only to their hopfull articles and not the actuall opion articles.

I'm fed up of people faming our 'far left' media - they're only just less right wing than the democrats. We have fair and (allmost) unbiased reporting.

The reason most Europeans expected Kerry to win is three fold:
1) We wanted it so much. Kerry is only the lesser of two evils but most people want anyone but Bush - who is the most internationally despised leader since Hitler.
2) We didn't think the American electorate was less inteligent than Bush - after all their are friggin chimps with an IQ higher than 60 :P.
3) We would not have voted for Bush.

Anyone who took the time to look at the facts and see what was being reported, what was being said, and what opions where (like myself) expected (and braced themselves) for this. The media is not to blame, we're not ground down by 'commie properganda', we just didn't expect you guys to be so easily befuddled by the neo-nazi propergander of the Republican party.

In summery:
- Europe = good reporting
- Europians = hopeless optimists
- Rebulicans = Richard Craniums
- slipknott said it best "people = ****"
Great Uberness
03-11-2004, 16:29
Almost all news sources here in America are liberal (CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) so it was actually the majority of people who are immune to propaganda who voted for bush, not the ones who are "befuddled" by it. Europians see Kerry as the lesser of two evils because they dont live in America. If he had gotten in our safety would have decreased exponentially. Perhaps you should stick to finding your own leaders, I mean, your supporting Kerry only made support for bush stronger. The europian nations dont have great reputations where I come from, and I live in a democratic neighborhood.
As a bumper sticker I saw had on it "9 out of 10 terrorists support Kerry." Not the best way to get people to vote for him.