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Caption Contest III

22-10-2004, 15:35
Caption the following picture
United White Front
22-10-2004, 15:47
hay john boys a few more of these and you both might get lucky
Our Earth
22-10-2004, 16:00
"Vote Kerry, he gave me free beer."

"Vote Kerry, he won't restart prohibition."
Darsylonian Theocrats
22-10-2004, 16:00
After a long day on the road, the bus isn't the only thing that needs to be tanked up.
22-10-2004, 16:05
"I smell urine..."
Dantek Enterprises
22-10-2004, 16:14
My son's gonna be president.....*hiccup*.
Deutsch - Rheinland
22-10-2004, 16:18
"Buy the new Kerry Lager. The only beer that can make three purple hearts jump for joy!"
22-10-2004, 17:05
After a long day on the road, the bus isn't the only thing that needs to be tanked up.

You Win!
Planta Genestae
22-10-2004, 17:24
Caption the following picture

"Not all Democrats are on drugs. And if you don't believe me, you can test this piss I made earlier."
22-10-2004, 17:30
"...what camera?"
22-10-2004, 18:02
The campaign stop turned ugly (literally) when the Girls Gone Wild bus pulled in.
Pudding Pies
22-10-2004, 18:20
"20 more of these and I'll be the sexiest drag queen in town!"
23-10-2004, 03:14
"I was going to vote for Bush but then I bottled it."
United White Front
23-10-2004, 03:16
"excuse me beer well i finish my officer"
Lunatic Goofballs
23-10-2004, 03:27
The two symbols of the Democratic Party: Feminists and Alcohol.

Free Soviets
23-10-2004, 03:36

what do you mean its not that kind of party?
23-10-2004, 03:40
"A ketchup company might be a nice way to fuel a campaign, but Teresa knows the only way to real power is the beer market."
23-10-2004, 04:57
"I'm drunk and my first language isn't English, and I still speak the goddam language better than Bush!"

"Here Bushie Bushie Bushie, I know you want one of these!"

"Teresa Heinz-Kerry reveals that she's actually Carla from Cheers."