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Where's Hitler?

Mr Basil Fawlty
18-10-2004, 23:56

(Select language under 'Start') :p :D :p

Manager of Fawlty Towers
Terra - Domina
19-10-2004, 00:01
yay hitler
19-10-2004, 01:09
"Hitler" in the beginning is misspelled in German language setting
19-10-2004, 01:49
Hahaha...Bush is Hitler
Crazy Japaicans
19-10-2004, 01:50
we all know it :D
19-10-2004, 01:50
Sieg Heil!
Mr Basil Fawlty
19-10-2004, 14:49
Hahaha...Bush is Hitler

Guess you picked him immediatly just like I did. :)
Legless Pirates
19-10-2004, 14:51
Brilliant game

Can't stop laughing
19-10-2004, 15:01
Hahaha, that's great!

I love the one where he's behind Santa Claus and the baby, giving them a weird look, and the one where he's part of a black family :D:D:D
19-10-2004, 15:27
Hitler is in the blood of every neo-Nazi across the world, he is in the flames of revenge. Sieg Heil!
Mr Basil Fawlty
19-10-2004, 18:02
Sieg Heil!

Whatever, you guys lost and will never be back in power. (Unless in the US where you allready have W.)
Big Jim P
19-10-2004, 18:04
Hitler was a moron, who really should have thought things through. Such is the way to dominate the world.