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Ted Nugent Commercial!

15-10-2004, 14:22
Well, I just saw a commercial focusing on Ted Nugent. It has him telling you to decide who to vote for for yourself. Now the amusing part is, at the end of the commercial you get a nice big tasty burger king symbol with the words "have it your way"

I know Nugent has been saying this for a while, and I don't think that this is selling out his beliefs at all. I'd have to say that it is probably one of the most creative ways to get someone else to pay for your commercial I have ever seen. Because after all, the BK symbol is only at the end of the commercial.
15-10-2004, 14:26
I thought he wanted people to vote on the Angus Steak Burger.
15-10-2004, 14:28
Vote for Ted for prez!

And I'm not talking Kennedy!!
15-10-2004, 14:57
The Motor City Madman rules....

Wango Tango? (

Free for all! (

Big Chief! (
Lex Terrae
15-10-2004, 15:36
The Nuge!! A Real American Hero.
15-10-2004, 15:38
I wish I looked that good in a loin cloth! Except for my abs, pecs, glutes and most of my body, I'd look hot in a loincloth.
15-10-2004, 17:25
I just wish I had a guitar...