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Proof that there is no God

Neo England
13-10-2004, 11:02
Tired of the pedantic routine on general?

Bored of the constant repetition in topics?

Aggravated when debating 14 year olds and the criminally insane?

Hearing the last threads of sanity in your mind begin to snap?


That makes you the perfect candidate to come join the new IRC channel #procrastination_station (EsperNet).

Established as a refuge from the insanity of NationStates (and to smuggle money out of Bellarussia), #procrastination_station allows the individual an opportunity to relax and enjoy soft melodic conversation as well as Weekly Top 40 Issues and twice daily Power Hour Soapbox Stand-up.

The channel, which will be run like an enlightened kleptocracy, is moderated at the moment by Neo England and Guinness Extra Cold. So expect conversation about liquor, Britain, working/studying abroad as well as “showing your bristol’s” and why the commonwealth is nifty.

We are looking specifically for people who are working for NGO’s, the military, attending college or just working to put bread on the table.

We are about as picky as a sailor at last call and half the time just as intoxicated.
So come on over and join the fun*.

*The authors of this advertisement make no promises that any individual joining #procrastination_station will have fun nor do they endorse the following products; Spam, Kam, Brillo pads, Marmite, Yugo Automobiles and Microsoft.
Guinness Extra Cold
13-10-2004, 11:43
A channel dedicated to the things I enjoy talking about and for people in my field?

I can tell you, as an individual in no way affiliated with this offer, that I am tired of going to IRC channels that do not cater to my particular needs.

Thank god someone had the good taste to create an atmosphere for enjoyable conversation and idea sharing.