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Let's Make Our Sigs Halloweeny

New Foxxinnia
06-10-2004, 13:44
Let's get into the spirit of Halloween by making our sigs all halloweenish!
New Foxxinnia
06-10-2004, 23:46
That's what happens when you post in the middle of the morning. Or when you make a shitty thread.
Opal Isle
07-10-2004, 00:06
What's so special about Halloween? Did anyone make 9/11y sigs? July 4thy sigs? Will anyone make Thanksgivingy, Christmasy, New Yeary, Eastery, or President's Day-y sigs? Didn't think so.
07-10-2004, 00:19
Well, if we start now, we might get into some sort of NS tradition. I might try it.
New Foxxinnia
07-10-2004, 00:29
That's how traditions begin. One lone nut comes up with something and people follow. Not like, off a cliff or something, but... yeah...