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A question for Bush and Kerry haters: Who was the last Rep/Dem candidate you liked?

02-10-2004, 00:11
For me, it would be:

Republican- Barry Goldwater (1964)

Democrat- George Wallace (1972, 1976)
02-10-2004, 00:15
For me, it would be:

Republican- Barry Goldwater (1964)

Democrat- George Wallace (1972, 1976)
Huh? So you hate Bush and Kerry? Well, guess I can't really blame you for that...
02-10-2004, 00:16
02-10-2004, 00:19
Pan slavia
02-10-2004, 00:33
Republican-Teddy rosavelt
Kramers Intern
02-10-2004, 00:37
For me, it would be:

Republican- Barry Goldwater (1964)

Democrat- George Wallace (1972, 1976)

Even though I dont hate Kerry

Republican, they all suck, yes even Lincoln, I have my reasons, and Democrats Clinton.
02-10-2004, 00:40
There's never been a Republican President I liked. There have been presidential candidates I liked (and only two of them: Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater), and a few senators and congressmen I liked, but on the whole, the Republicon Party has always sucked.
02-10-2004, 00:42
Republican - Richard Nixon (such a slimeball ... gotta love that)

Democrat - Dennis Kucinich
02-10-2004, 01:35
02-10-2004, 01:37
Reagan and Clinton.
02-10-2004, 01:37
Republican - John McCain (well I still like him)
Democrat - FDR
Santa Bugito
02-10-2004, 10:04
I gotta say for a Republican Pat Buchanan is alright. He is against the drug war, and he is pretty smart.
My last favorite democrat was Howard Dean. What the hell happened to him? Screaming is weakness? Whatever, Kerry is kind if a pansy.
Los Banditos
02-10-2004, 10:10
Republican: McCain
Democrat: FDR
Niccolo Medici
02-10-2004, 11:14
I liked Bob Dole...but not until after he lost.

Perhaps that sounds a bit looney, but after he lost Dole suddenly was charming, witty, and had all those great TV commercials and Daily show interviews where he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

I wish I had known that before hand! He looked and sounded like some evil monotone cyborg during the campaign.

I guess that pursuit of power sometimes forces us to be less than what we are.
02-10-2004, 11:20
I like very few Republicans.

John McCain is alright.

The last Democrat I liked was Clinton.
02-10-2004, 13:00
John McCain....

Don't ask about the Democrats... personally I think Carter is a very good man but was a very poor president.
Our Earth
02-10-2004, 13:06

The irony there is just too much.
02-10-2004, 17:24
John Kerry (2004)
Gerald Ford (1976)
02-10-2004, 17:38
so i gotta hate them both to respond to this thread?
im confused
i only hate bush

ive never voted for a republican for president and only a few times in going on 30 years ...for lesser offices

its obvious that you are very young when you say you LIKED george wallace. he was the candidate of the old line southern racists. if you consider yourself to be in that group, then i guess its reasonable to like him today

anyway george bush 1 was OK with me. bob dole was OK with me. gerald ford was OK with me. i didnt vote for any of them

hmmm ive never LIKED a democratic candidate enough to work for one. but the ones who were elected were all OK with me. that would be carter and clinton since ive been old enough to vote. kerry is also OK with me.
02-10-2004, 17:45
Republican: don't know any.
Democrat: Um...Clinton(I heard JFK was ok. but he died way before I was born, so I wouldn't know.)
02-10-2004, 18:05
Republican - Ronald Reagan

Democrat - George McGovern ( due to a temporary lapse in sanity )
02-10-2004, 18:14
Republican: McCain.
Democrat: Clinton. He wasn't exactly the best guy around, but at least he was a good president.
02-10-2004, 18:57

Nixon(Other than the watergate, he was one of the best presidents we ever had). McCain gets a close second.

Wes Clark for the dems, he knew what was going on. El Clinton for number 2
02-10-2004, 19:20
I'm confused. Reagan was the opposite of FDR. Wasn't Reagan's ultimate economic goal to dismantles FDR's New Deal and Great Society?

In foreign policy, wasn't Reagan a unilateralist hawk to FDR's internationalism?
New Exodus
02-10-2004, 19:31
Depends. For the person themselves (or just the media image, whatever your view), the most recent two I liked:

Democrat- Carter
Republican- Reagan

As an actual President, the most recent I liked were:

Democrat- Clinton
Republican- Bush Jr.


Democrat- FDR
Republican- Lincoln

Go beyond the party lines, its a wide, fresh world out there.
02-10-2004, 22:11
I like John McCain.

Perhaps that sounds a bit looney, but after he lost Dole suddenly was charming, witty, and had all those great TV commercials and Daily show interviews where he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

Yeah, until he started getting back into political attack-mode in the past couple of months. Dole was saying he "wasn't sure" if Kerry had "earned" his medals, because some of the wounds might have been self-inflicted. The Daily Show pointed out that in Dole's autobiography, he writes that his debilitating arm injury occured when HE threw a grenade out of a foxhole and it BOUNCED off a tree, falling back in and blowing up next to him. Hypocritical much, Bob? :rolleyes:

So, yeah. Bob Dole was cool when he was out of politics. Now that he's back in, it's the same old douchebaggery.
02-10-2004, 22:17
I liked Clinton and Bush senior.
I´ve a rather neutral position towards Bush.
In respect to Kerry I´m still not completly shure, since he needs to come to a clear line - though he has made progress in that direction admittedly.
However I can´t see a clear plan for Iraq from both candidates.
And regarding Iran and North Korea I don´t see many ideas from both either.
02-10-2004, 22:20
Republican - McCain (yes I know he didn't get the nomination, but whatever).
- I also only have a few problems with the senator that will be
representing my state in the House unless there is a big write- in vote, but they are things I would have a problem
with *any* politician for, like following the party line because you
are scared of the whip

Democrat - I really love my current state legislature Senator and I had no big
problems with Clinton

For the record, I hate Bush and not Kerry, but Kerry isn't exactly the prize pig either.