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British! Provide justification for your PM's accent!

26-08-2004, 00:21
Its wierd.
Crazy Brits.

Meh, maybe I should just change this to the 'insult other peoples nation leaders' thread :)
26-08-2004, 00:24
Doesn't sound weird to me, it's within the gamete of English accents.
26-08-2004, 00:27
I would prefer the next Prime Minister of England to have a heavy Cockney accent.

"Oi!, You Lot!"

"Gerr'off !"
Sgt Peppers LHCB
26-08-2004, 00:29
Ok Im not even British but Im so sick of you making these threads to provide justification for what was not their idea. These threads are bullshit!
One Frickin Eye
26-08-2004, 00:35
Our Prime Minister is British and speaks with a British accent. Nothing strange there.

No different to Chirac's French accent being quite French or Bush's accent being somewhat American.

Granted you can start breaking it down into region (texan etc) but in fairness that's what makes many countries the facinating realms they are - all the varied accents. Even small nations have different accents for different cities/counties.

Anyone know a country where all members sound the same?

The Vatican?
The Gaza Strip
26-08-2004, 00:45
Bush's accent is so American, as it sounds to me like dumbass.
HEY BUSH!!! :upyours:
26-08-2004, 00:45
Funny, I thought he spoke with an English accent. He doesn't sound vaguely like a Welsh or Scottish person.
26-08-2004, 00:51
Psst, everybody...
Its a spoof thread ;)
26-08-2004, 00:56

omg, really???????/////\
26-08-2004, 01:04
Some people seem to be taking this pretty seriously :P
26-08-2004, 01:07
I think the USA owes us more explanation for dubya's accent. That man is a butcher of the English language.