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MST3K fans? Robot Roll Call!

19-08-2004, 14:34
All right, ya scum! Come on out!
19-08-2004, 15:21
Best Episode: Mitchell
Worst Episode: Manos

I own just about every one of the episodes on DVD, plus the movie, and the shorts. I wish they would have just kept makin' those forever. :D
Joey P
19-08-2004, 15:31
I used to watch it on Sci-Fi channel. I wish it was still on tv. With all the shit movies coming out each year they would never run out of material.
Joey P
19-08-2004, 15:34
20-08-2004, 14:29
OK, I really didn't need to see that picture of Pearl dressed up like a dominatrix, first thing after breakfast.

But as for MST3K I like it VERY MUCH. So are there any other MST3K fans willing to join the region "Ship of Love"?