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My take on hunting

17-08-2004, 17:36
As well as any other political issue in this world, that has nothing to do with one human hurting another.

I think it rightly should be left up to the eyes of the beholder. I personally do not hunt anymore, but when I did I would use the fur for clothing and the venison for food, many indians will purchase the bones also for knife and other tool and design peices. I do not hunt anymore because I track on down to the local supermarket instead. I still fish (catch and release) but never did keep them unless a friend would eat it.

For someone to be a pure vegan that is also a personal choice, and I see it no different than the one that someone chooses to be a hunter. I am not for ever forcing an opinion of mine(or anyone elses) onto another free human, besides who is to say that one opinion really is any better or worse than another. Since feelings are not universal, they only appear to be conflicting during issues that one human was raised one way and another a different way.(similiar to one growing up in a city environment over a rural one, they will hold many different values, rightly so. But not one being anymore right than the other, only of what is right for that individual or community)