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Help the drunk

Mr Basil Fawlty
15-08-2004, 02:18
Use your mouse left-right.

No, not me! This was forwarded to me. I got him 57m.
15-08-2004, 02:29
First try 71m.
15-08-2004, 02:42
76m first try
Mr Basil Fawlty
16-08-2004, 00:36
99 and still drunk :p
Von Witzleben
16-08-2004, 00:38
17m. :D
Freakin Sweet
16-08-2004, 00:50
DUDE THAT ROCKS!! Im a very weird drunk I can walk perfectly without trying its weird. Ive only dranken a few times in my life. I also have never had a hangover or even puke. One time I drank seven beers three shots of vodka and half a bottle of ninety nine bannanas (99 proof) as fast as i could in like an hour and no puking or hangover nothing, I was messed up dont get me wrong but I was perfectly fine. Also this one time I drank like a little more than half a gallon of vodka in seriously fourty five sec to a minute. And nothing besides being drunk. My speech isnt even that slurred it was kind of messed up for a little bit when i did that vodka thing.
Mr Basil Fawlty
16-08-2004, 00:54
99 and still drunk :p

Dear fellow drinkers, I lied about my 99m. because I wasz doped. In this Olympic day, I swear, I will never do it again and hands over my golden drunk walking medal at this moment to the honourable Freakin Sweet and other athlete Von Witzleben (wich I stil thankfor his ancesters action on a certan 20 july 1944 :) )
16-08-2004, 13:00
You know if you play that game while you're drunk its a lot easier, hardly looks like he's swaying at all