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Mr. Bojangles

05-08-2004, 17:36
I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for you in worn out shoes
With silver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pants, the old soft shoe
He jumped so high, he jumped so high,
Then he lightly touched down

I met him in a cell in New Orleans, I was - down and out
He looked at me to be the eyes of age as he spoke right out
He talked of life, he talked of life, he laughed, slapped his leg a step

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles, dance!

He said his name, Bojangles, then he danced a lick across the cell
He grabbed his pants a better stance, oh, he jumped up high,
Then he clicked his heels
He let go a laugh, he let go a laugh,
Shook back his clothes all around

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles, dance!

He danced for throws at minstrel shows and county fairs
Through out the south
He spoke with tears of fifteen years how his dog and him
Had traveled about
His dog up and died, he up and died, after twenty years he still grieves

He said I dance now at every chance in honky tonks
For drink and tips
But most of the time I spend behind these county bars
'Cause I drinks a bit'
He shook his head and as he shook his head
I heard someone ask him `Please'
Please ..........

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles, dance!

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles, dance!
Le Deuche
05-08-2004, 18:04
great song. we sang that song all the time at church when i went.
05-08-2004, 18:22
You sang that song at Church?
Nadejda 2
05-08-2004, 18:27
You dont have that memorized do you?
05-08-2004, 18:30
no, not quite.
06-08-2004, 08:18
Thats the most beautiful song, one of my favourites.

Kudos to anyone who knows it. :D
Generic empire
06-08-2004, 08:21
That is the most profound, intelligent, and beautiful thing I have read all day. Thank you.
06-08-2004, 08:54
Hell yeah, Mr. Jerry Jeff Walker is true Texas legend!

This is my favorite drinking song:

They call us the gonzos, the gonzo compadres
Los cinco caballeros, mirado las estrellas
And they call us the gonzos, the gonzo compadres
Los gatos con queso, and we love our mommies
We live by the mountains, we live by the sea
We live by our wits, we live to be free
We never take prisoners, we take no requests
What we do mostly is what we do best

We laugh and we cry and we sing and we dance
We fly through the air by the seat of our pants
With Captain Pendejo, tequila in hand
We fall to our knees and kiss the ground when we land

We're brave companeros, we ride beyond fences
We take to the road, taking leave of our senses
Adios amigos, so long senoritas
Your salty tears flavor our margaritas