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Slutbum Wallah
04-08-2004, 17:22
The sun-kissed desert valley. A desolate wasteland where the vulture is top of the food chain. Life is cheap here, while death - more than ever - has its price.

To the North lies Eden, a beautiful paradise where all live in peace and harmony, but heavily protected by artillery and cavalry. Entry is near impossible to all but the purest of souls.

To the South - Hell. The Demon Realm, where chaos and evil thrive. High walls and a mercenary army of sadistic banditos do their best to keep anything from getting out.

And here... lying between the two in the centre of this dustbowl, is the wild border town of Purgatory. Here come the lost, the forgotten, the true of heart and the evil alike, those who fell off the wagon trains and must eke out some kind of existence for themselves in the desert, surviving by their wits and their pistols.

It is a town where bandits and whores mix amongst preachers and lawmen, all struggling to survive in a strange land, where death comes in many shapes and forms and the law is made and broken by the man with the big gun and the bigger cajones...

This is an adult character-based fantasy role-playing game with a Wild-West flavour, with various supernatural creatures and themes thrown in for good measure.

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