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I'm probably going to vote for Kerry purely because he's not Bush.....

04-08-2004, 16:21
.......but I really don't want to do that. I don't want my President to be the lesser of two evils (no, I'm not saying they're both evil), I want him/her to be the greater of two goods. I don't want to just get a bad President out, I also want to get a good President in. Frankly, I just don't want Bush or Kerry to be President, but they are the only ones with a chance to win so voting third party is pointless (So they say........)

What is a boy to do?
04-08-2004, 16:54
It's interesting as an outsider (a Scot if you must know) to hear all this stuff about the US election. Most people I know over here are very nervous about the outcome. While it may seem like it's none of our business who the US elects as President, it will affect us for better or for worse.
I don't know how many Americans know how strongly the rest of the world feels about them just now. I frequently find myself having conversations with friend in which I am defending America and the American people. That's in the UK, which is more US friendly than most countries. Why is there this animosity? Do you know what I think? I think it's not jealousy (rather a democratic American Empire than the racist bloodbath that was European Imperialism), it's not colonial snobbishness, it's fear simple fear. We don't know what's going to happen to the world unless there's a change of government in the States. The signs so far have not been promising. I personally look forward to trying to throw Blair at the UK's next election (probably in 2005), until then though, getting rid of his best buddy would be a good start.

a citizen of the world,

PS Sorry for hijacking the thread.
Nadejda 2
04-08-2004, 17:06
I just don't think Kerry is any better than Bush. I think hes far bellow Bush..
04-08-2004, 17:07
The hijacking is no problem, I'm always willing to debate other situations and you're opinion (Not as a Scot but as a human being) is very important. The election will effect the entire world, and it is good to know what the entire world thinks.
BoogieDown Production
04-08-2004, 17:19
Don't vote for Kerry because he is the lesser of two evils;
Vote against Bush because he is the evil of two lessers! :D
Demented Hamsters
04-08-2004, 17:55
Don't you love living in a 'free democratic' society where the only choices you have are between two incredibly wealthy and well-connected politicians, who share the same views on practically everything (e.g Israel, Iraq, medicare)? I really do pity you, because no matter who you vote for, it's going to be between clenched teeth.
That said, if Bush is re-elected, the next few years are going to be very frightening. His (or more accurately Rumsfield and Cheneys) world-view and ways of dealing with foreign affairs is very very scary.
One thing though that I do admire in the Republicans is how open they are about their corruption (duck-hunting with judges, companies they were former CEOs of [and still gettig $1mill a year from] getting massive war-contracts etc etc). Maybe it didn't happen to the same sort of scale with the Democrats, but it did happen and it was hidden. The Republicans seem to be saying 'yeah, so what? We can what we like because we are rich and powerful beyond your wildest dreams'. I kinda admire that sort of openess. ;)
But I do hate their hypocrisy and the extreme right-wing media that helps them. Can you imagine the sort of uproar had Al Gore or Bill Clinton told a leading Republican to "F**k off"? There'd been calls for their impeachment. What happens with Cheney? He says it made him feel better and the guy deserved it and the media let it go. That's just one example. There's been lots.
Get rid of Bush, pls, if nothing else to annoy Rupert Murdoch (you Aussies have a lot to apologise for unleasing that guy on the world!)