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Jolt: Good or Bad for NationStates

03-08-2004, 18:37
What do you think. Overall, has the Jolt move been good or bad for NS?
03-08-2004, 18:38
Having an accessible forum can only be a good thing seeing as that's where most of the action happens. I don't RP though, just lurk in general.
Cuneo Island
03-08-2004, 18:47
I agree with Renard. The forum is very important and it's good that Jolt is providing us with a fast forum. but I'm sure the other forum was fast in it's time and this one may go down sooner or later. Hopefully not though.

Things I don't like are the limits on how often you can post, every thirty seconds. And how often you can search, every 180 seconds.

Also the fact that we can't have our own member list. I like countdowns so I sorta liked to check my position on the biggest post counts.
03-08-2004, 21:27
this move was a VAST improvement--the old server sucked sooo bad. On Jolt you can actually POST and its lightening quick.
03-08-2004, 21:38
Its much faster now, but i liked the blue color of the old forums.
Front National
04-08-2004, 15:58
04-08-2004, 16:01
Yes, the fact you can actualy post is a plus...
04-08-2004, 16:03
Well, at least we have our own forum profiles you can modify and far less 404 errors. The colour scheme sucks ...
04-08-2004, 16:06
SO much better than the old server!
Being able to post - woot!
Who cares what colour it is? :headbang: