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Level of stupidity: up or down?

Bodies Without Organs
26-07-2004, 22:03
As has been scientifically proved* the only thing more common in the cosmos than hydrogen is stupidity. This remains true even for the virtual world that we inhabit here on Nationstates.

Question: has the level of stupidity risen or fallen on this forum since the relocation from the old servers?

* A blatant and bare faced lie.
26-07-2004, 22:14
i think it's about the same...we lost a few of the old spammers and trolls, and so far there aren't many new ones to take their places, so for now we're doing pretty well. of course, we now have some new morons who are truly collosal in their ignorance, so they manage to balance out the gains.
26-07-2004, 22:33
I think Bottle is about right. It's been a tradeoff, although I think the stupidity is flowing marginally faster because the forums load regularly now.