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My rant at women

20-06-2004, 17:26
Some of my rants at women although this pertains to you guys also.

#1. Stop whining that there arn't any good men out there. There are so many good decent guys out there that I can't walk down a street without tripping over one. If you've had a string of bad boyfriends it's because you got bad taste NOT bad luck in men. On a side note some of you so called nice guys out there. Stop moaning about how women won't go out with you and you keep winding up as the friend. Many of you so called nice guys are weak submissive self-complaining doormats. Most women want a real man who's strong, dominant, and assertive. So be more like that and mabye she'll consider you dating material instead of as her male girlfriend.

#2. Guess what women, everone has their limits to how much BS they'll put up with. If you push someone far enough they'll snap. For you religous types out there read your bible and you'll see even Jesus lost his temper and smashed up a temple once and if even he had his limit then your guy/girl does also. So what does this mean for you. It means that you need to know when to just drop it. Men, this goes for you too but it's mostly you women who have a hard time letting go of an agruement. Too many agruements get worse because one or both don't know drop it and go off and cool down.

#3. Not everything in a relationship has to be a 50/50 relationship. Yes, women have the right to vote nowadays and everything but women GET OVER YOURSELVES. If you think in your perfect relationship everythings going to be 50/50 then ask yourself this question. In a democracy of TWO, how do you break a TIE. I don't care if he's your soulmate. There's no such thing as a person that's going to agree you 100% of the time. Also, for those who think you'll just find a compromise on what you don't agree on need to realize that there's not always a middle ground to find. This DOESN'T mean that if a relatonship isn't 50/50 then it must be 100/0. It could be 60/40 or if one of you is better with money then in any disagreement over money that person gets the final say. Heck, this may sound silly but if you want draw up your own constitution for deciding how you'll break a deadlocked agruement. Your playing this game so that idea might just be up your alley.

Whew, I feel alot better now :P
20-06-2004, 17:28
meh, it's your fault for hanging out with the wrong sort of women. any chick who pulls that crap isn't worth your time, but if you chose to date them or be friends with them then that's your tough luck.
20-06-2004, 17:29
20-06-2004, 17:33
Umm I never wanted a Dominant macho dickhead..... lol but nor do I want someone who will make it too easy for me, lucky me I found the perfect combo of both!! :P