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O'railey's Club and Resort v.4

Demonic Furbies
20-06-2004, 00:16
4th version of the highly popular club/resort/bar.
all the things same as before. HAVE FUN!
20-06-2004, 00:27
*comes in orders vodka and lights up a cuban cigar and request for the remote so he can watch football.*
Demonic Furbies
20-06-2004, 00:29
*pours Vodka and slide it over and hands the remote to 'em*
i will have to request that you dont smoke inside however.
20-06-2004, 00:31
Yea, a new one!
*walks in and posts*
Demonic Furbies
20-06-2004, 00:41
ello Susa. care for a drink?
Cuneo Island
20-06-2004, 00:44
I was going to tell you not to start this one because of our idea, but I guess you did already.
Demonic Furbies
20-06-2004, 00:45
oh well, il work on getting it gone.
20-06-2004, 00:55
At the request of the thread author, iLock.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation