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Favorite baseball team

Red Sox Fanatics
09-06-2004, 23:49
I've seen many threads on fav music, celebs, etc. Thought I'd see who roots for who around here. Post your favorite team. I think mine is fairly obvious!

BTW:This is not flame-bait. This means you, Yankee fan.
09-06-2004, 23:55
:lol: Well I'm a true blue expo's fan
New Genoa
09-06-2004, 23:55
Teh Yankees, yo :D :!: :arrow:
Tango Urilla
09-06-2004, 23:56
yankees suck! :P red sox all the way!
10-06-2004, 00:01

Its tough being the fan of a team stocked with so much talent, so many potential all-stars, and still managing to see them miss the playoffs year after year. At least the rest of our Philly teams choke when we get to the playoffs. :wink:
New Genoa
10-06-2004, 00:07
Hey man, we both bought our teams..
10-06-2004, 00:30