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A pox on it all...

The Wild Wood
01-05-2004, 16:09
Take a slow computer. Make it unstable and prone to crashing more often than a Turkish designed car.

Add a load of work that needs to be done today. Except that the machine is so slow it takes ages to do anything, and then it crashes.

Result - rising blood pressure. An urge to go out and kick someone or something very hard. In the crotch.

And the deadline continues to get closer. So here I am naffing around in the fora while waiting - again - for the damn machine to do stuff and hopefully not crash. Again.

Or I might just go out and bite someone.
The Atheists Reality
01-05-2004, 16:10
bite me
01-05-2004, 16:12
Just go an bite someone.
Out of all the demons in this world, none is more frightening than man.
And yes I am a demon bent on torturing souls and frightening little children.