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The Geyser

30-04-2004, 16:48
What a sad state the forums are in when people just don’t want to party. You’re making me regret ever coming back. I understand that the server is crap and all, but when people refuse to go to a party, there must be something wrong. Most likely caused by a bug up the crack, perhaps maybe a stick too. But whatever it is, I will not rest until whatever it is that got lodged up the behinds of my fellow posters has been thoroughly evicted. That’s why I’ve created the Geyser. It's a social club and health club all rolled into one. It comes complete with a bar and coffee shop located in the lounge area. Racquetball, dodge ball, basketball in the gym, as well as Judo and general rough housing in the mat room. An Olympic size pool. There is also a weight room, sauna and hot tubs, as well as appropriate toilet and shower facilities. My favorite is the multi purposed arena.
30-04-2004, 18:22
*Goes to the gym and starts lifting weights*
30-04-2004, 18:25
*sneaks in and puts 50 kg extra on KZ's weights*

*sneaks out to the bar*
30-04-2004, 18:31
*turns up heat in sauna*
*sits in bar*
30-04-2004, 18:34
Ahh, people are finally here. This face may look new to you, but I am actually a reincarnation. Anyone care to guess who I once was?
30-04-2004, 18:38
I have no idea who you were. Now someone here mentioned a bar? I need a martini. Then I need to play raquetball.
30-04-2004, 18:56
It isn’t that hard to figure out who I am. After all I’m still the sweet crustacean that I’ve always been.
30-04-2004, 19:15
Sweet crustation?

Is that anything like a sweet transvestite?
30-04-2004, 19:22
I was thinking of that song when I said that.
01-05-2004, 02:02
So, no takers on who I really am huh. Free beer for a week for the one who first get it right.
01-05-2004, 02:05
Screw working out! *forces candy, and cake, and butter covered in sugar in her mouth* I have all my life to try to get skinny again...
01-05-2004, 02:12
*Throws dodge ball at Madesonia*
01-05-2004, 13:25
Zoidberg sits down at the bar.

Zoidberg: Oh, why wont anybody come to this magnificent place?

Bartender: Maybe it has something to do with you telling everyone they have something stuck up their bottoms.

Zoidberg: You mean that people don’t like being told that they have a potential rectal parasite? Oh no wonder I’m a failure. :cry:

Bartender: Be cool, be cool. You just have to think of a better way to lure people to your club.

Zoidberg: How about an all you can eat garbage buffet.

Bartender: :roll: Yeah, right. Or how about you come up with a nifty slogan.

Zoidberg: A slogan, that’s it. I’ll come up with the best slogan ever. How about come here and you wont be flabby?

Bartender: How about something that wont offend anyone?

Zoidberg: What? People could be offend by that? Oh I give up. :cry: