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spread the word!!!

07-04-2004, 04:09
I have a really great idea for a new region "Southern Colonies", and i have been posting it as much as i can, however with no responces. I need help spreading the word, but im not sure how to go about it. It really is an exellent idea, id hate to have it go to waste. Any friendly advice as to where to go would be GREATLY APPERCIATED!


*add below*


The Colonies of The Bourgeoisie Class has recently created a region exclusive to nations as succesful as yours. Your saftey from ejection from the region is absolute, provided that you mantain these high standards you have achieved. The benifts of The Southern Colonies is that only esteemed nations are welcome, and given an exclusive password-- just for THAT nation. Such security prevents any other region from taking control and ejecting its nations. Our high standands and exclusiveness also contributes to your nations credit, and will make it much easier to receive endorsements from outside nations. Finally, we do not allow any member to become a UN Regional Representative, this ensures that negative outside influences are kept seperate from YOUR decisions and YOUR nation.

You will have the freedom to allow your nation to prosper, without unwanted interference.

The Country Club of NationStates; a small region, exclusive to those who support both peace and material wealth. It is a requirement that all members MUST have high standards of living, and reflect the values of democracy and capatalism. If these requirements are met, the nation will be given an access code, in which case they will be able to join this exclusive and prosperouse region.

Please contact "The Colony of The Bourgeoisie Class" for consiteration or more information.