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Beige! Beige!

Adam Belltopia
29-03-2004, 15:36
Do you like beige? If so, come and join the European Beige Collective!
29-03-2004, 15:44
Beige? Why beige? That's one of the most boring colours in the world.

(OOC - and you've probably heard of this - I had a French teacher and she was really ANTI-BEIGE. It was one of her pet peeves. She was, how you say, eccentric, but she was all the better for that.
I say that you've probably heard of it because, well, you know how these things work)

Seriously, why beige?
29-03-2004, 15:44
how about bright, sparkly green?
29-03-2004, 15:46
Actually, she'd DRESS in that sometimes...bright sparkly green.
And orange...especially orange.
29-03-2004, 15:48
I like fawn more than beige
Adam Belltopia
30-03-2004, 14:14
Beige is the greatest colour in the world, and a lovely beige suit goes so well with green shirts. Go on, join the collective.
The fairy tinkerbelly
30-03-2004, 14:24
beige is the most dull colour in the world, except for maybe cream
San haiti
30-03-2004, 15:25
beige is the most dull colour in the world, except for maybe cream

there's a difference?
Little Miss Sunshine
30-03-2004, 15:28
isn't beige slightly darker?
30-03-2004, 15:30

>> The universe is ... Beige
Adam Belltopia
31-03-2004, 09:21
Is there anyone out there who shares my appreciation of beige? Anyone at all? The collective needs new blood.
31-03-2004, 09:25
New Zealand crickets biggest fans:
Adam Belltopia
31-03-2004, 09:34
Hurrah! The Beige Paraplegics have seen the light!
31-03-2004, 09:39

All the rage...Beige.