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Game Type Thing

29-03-2004, 14:30
After watching an episode of .hack//sign and a few hours of thinking and a day without thinking finally thought about again today, I came up with a list of gamer types. Which of them do you fall into? Remember that you can fall into more than one category, just say how much of that category is you.

The Bored Gamer: Just passing the time until it’s time to go/do something/waiting for something to happen. Most people have at some time fallen into this category. I for one play minesweeper while waiting for this damn server to stop being such a punk. Needless to say I play it a lot. My best times so far a 6, 43, 120 for the beginner, intermediate, expert difficulties.

The Casual Gamer: Usually only plays a little bit at a time. But can extend time when they get into the groove. Plays for fun, sometimes even with a group of friends. It’s not about winning or losing, but winning is always nice.

The Competitor: Plays to win, and sometimes get upset when loses. Over excited and loudmouthed. When playing with other competitors fun is had by all, when playing against a casual gamer, the competitor can sometimes upset the casual gamer making them not want to play anymore.

The Serious Gamer: Similar to that of the competitor but not quite as loud about it. Examines tactics and refines them. Always looking for a nice edge. Will buy extra equipment. Online equipment includes the headset microphone to optimize teamwork efficiency. Sometimes hates when playing with a casual gamer as they don’t take things seriously enough.

The Angry Gamer: All is well and good when winning, but when on a losing streak or when luck has been shitty, usually throws a tantrum and throws the controller down and shuts off the game. Fun to watch, not to be. Will sometimes look up cheats to avoid looking like an idiot. Unable to find cheats the angry gamer will usually just sell the trouble game if problems persist.

The Saboteur: The most hated gamer of them all. Joins games and purposefully destroys his own team. You can boot them all you want, but they’ll be back. Once while playing RTCW some damn fool changed his name to mimic mine and became the saboteur, and I was the one who got booted. :evil:

The Addict: Plays the game to escape reality. Unable to cope with reality they avoid it. Not one to wish to face mortality they often use cheats for further their experience from reality. That mentality is that nothing is painful when you’re a god. Sooner or later they will be forced to come back to reality, but they always look forward to their next high.