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(POLL) Geez. This forum is really....

18-03-2004, 08:05
Seems like the libs outnumber the conservatives at least 10-1 on this forum. What do you think?
18-03-2004, 08:06
Right now it's 1-1...
18-03-2004, 08:07
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18-03-2004, 08:10
lol...makes me almost not want to read the novel...I wouldn't but my brother (liberal, but intelligent = good political debates) told me it was a great read.
18-03-2004, 08:13
I really don't think this dualistic thinking helps us at all. I mean, can political thought be boiled down to such a simple dichotomy?

Can't we search for common ground and love one another? I mean, what are we really fighting for?

Oh, wow...I am so liberal. :lol:
Lesser Biglandia
18-03-2004, 08:16
I consider myself mostly liberal, but am socially conservative on certain grounds, so I'd be forced to say that I'm neutral.

I do, however, enjoy a good debate. 's more fun that way.
18-03-2004, 08:17
lol...makes me almost not want to read the novel...I wouldn't but my brother (liberal, but intelligent = good political debates) told me it was a great read.
yeah it's a good book. I read it
Garaj Mahal
03-04-2004, 18:31
Fiscally responsible Liberal. Re why Liberals seem to "dominate" NS, aren't we usually the majority in places where people can read and write? :wink:
03-04-2004, 18:32
I'm a Conservative.
03-04-2004, 18:34
Moderate, but leans towards Liberal. I used to be Conservative, but my dislike of government changed that!
03-04-2004, 18:36
i guess it depends on your definitions, and where you draw the line between liberal and conservative. of course, i'm neither, so i really don't care :).
03-04-2004, 18:41
this place sucks
03-04-2004, 18:42
The liberals go last on my vote.
03-04-2004, 18:47
Hardcore Republicans2's national animal is the liberal and its currency is the green peace activist.
03-04-2004, 19:01
My national currency is the Reagan, ny national animal is the Elephant.

Take a guess :?
03-04-2004, 19:14
Wow, there are a lot of liberals... half as many conservatives..
03-04-2004, 19:21
I'm neither.
03-04-2004, 19:25
Frankly, I don't think it can be divided so easily. After all, in many ways Bush is a conservative in name only. His fiscal mismanagement is proof of that. Socially, of course he is, but when it comes to the big issues right now: the economy and the war, I don't think that his economic platform fits the mold of traditional conservatism, nor do I think that a war is inherently liberal or conservative. I just know that there are a lot of people who are for it, and lot who are against.

Much of that is split on party lines, but certainly not all of it.

The Wild Wood
03-04-2004, 19:27
It's certainly not what it used to be.
The Edwardian Empire
03-04-2004, 19:52
I favor conservative economic policies (i.e. not communism :D ) and could care less about social policies, which means I'll take liberal ones if need be. A bunch of online political survey site things classify that kind of thinking as "libertarian." I lean towards conservative, though.

And yes, NS does have more liberals, ESPECIALLY in the UN (why do you think I left months and months ago?).
03-04-2004, 20:21
I'm a right-leaning centrist. So, I'm neither conservative nor liberal (however, I'm more conservative than liberal). Yeah. I took a political compass quiz.
03-04-2004, 20:42
Somebody was recently on the UN Forum complaining that we're all fascists.

Go figure.

I'm a Bullmoose Progressive.