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Hey join me in a, a gladeator challenge for mvp

12-03-2004, 15:31
mvp (most valuable poster)

You have no weapons.
12-03-2004, 16:35

i confused. . .

i know friend who own gun. . . . . . .s
24-03-2004, 16:15
slams a right hook into :!: Thwanhana
03-04-2004, 23:57
smash him in to a pole.
04-04-2004, 00:00
*walks in carrying a ten foot pole with boxing gloves on either end*

Hah! Take this!

04-04-2004, 00:01
04-04-2004, 00:03

seconded. :shock: :shock:
04-04-2004, 00:06
*Steals Mynewsboys soul*

Bah, I’m a demon. I have no need of weapons.
Out of all the demons in this world, none is more frightening than man
The Mycon
04-04-2004, 03:39
*watches the prone victim of the desouling, then kicks him while he's down*
I did the final blow. I get the corpse.

*mounts the corpse...
and drops spores*
You were expecting necrophilia? I take my namesake from an edible mushroom, remember?
06-04-2004, 00:06
rises from the dead (ha can kill me now)

rips a big one and lites it torching them all