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UN Crashers?

Liberal Technology
24-02-2004, 00:38
I recently was browsing through the foums when I came across a topic involoving someone stealing a flag from some region named Gatesville.
I investigated the region and was somewhat shocked when I came across their factbook entry:
World Factbook Entry: Welcome Great Nation, Welcome. Our goal here is the forceful dissolving of the Liberal UN and it's recreation in our dark image. Now that we have our delegate and high council, we can work towards these ends. Visit our offsite forum ( and register there. Then you will see for yourself all that we offer here in Gatesville. Our regional motto is: "Death to the Liberal UN! We will rip out their hearts and steal their souls!
end quote.
a little harsh, no?
I found an ally who had expolred into Gatesville and received a message detailing how Gatesville would destroy the "UN "Liberal pigs"
I have no problem with their opinion, but to go as far as "Forceful dissolvtion"? A little extreme, isn't it?
Liberal Technology
24-02-2004, 00:40
Heres what my ally received:

The Dictatorship of Gates the god
Received: 16 hours ago
Welcome to the great region of Gatesville, your nation is among very good friends here. With great nations like yours involved we will not fail in our quest against the liberal U.N. pigs. If you can, apply and join the U.N. I know that puts a foul taste in your mouth, but before we attack our enemy we must get close to him. Also If and when we start to invade other regions to protect ourselves we must have some U.N. nations to remove their delegate. If you can’t join no problem .If you ever need anything let me know .Their is a very large dark wave rising and we are all part of it.
Even now, the High Council is formulating long-term plans for the eventual ruin of the current UN and the structure of it's replacement, but the easiest way for you to stay in the loop is to register on the offsite board (

Our basic, very basic plan is this: (1) Grow in size until we are a match for even the largest of regions, (2) gain a 2/3 ratio of our nations within the UN and endorsing their delegate so we have a strong standing in the UN voting’s, (3) create strong alliances with like-minded regions, and (4) gain complete control of the UN right under the noses of the liberals.

Now, this is not something that will or can happen in a short time. For the first two stages of this plan we must carefully protect ourselves from all possible threats. You may be thinking, "Why can't we just do this as quickly and violently as possible. Then it'll be done and we can bathe in our glory as the rulers of the free world." I'm sure many anti UN forums have felt this way and followed it to their deaths under the heels of the enormous liberal regions. We are going to set this right. We will be patient, we will bide our time, we will spy and gather information and prepare ourselves until victory is won without a single punch being thrown yet. Politically, emotionally, mentally, and physically. We will win. We just have to be patient and wait for the proper opportunities to reveal themselves. Death to the liberal U.N let them rot in Hell!!!
end quote.

Just a sampling
The Mycon
24-02-2004, 02:37
My, that sounds exactly like every other region's plan for having an UN delegate, except that they want to make a difference with it.
24-02-2004, 02:41
They can try. . . .the UN is sort of a disembodied thing so it can't really be attacked. Also, its severl thousand nations stringer than the region. And, if they get too offensive, they'll just be deleated. So, let'em try.
24-02-2004, 16:36
I don't understand the utility of such a region. If they found UN too much liberal, why don't they just make a new assembly of conservative nations, and leave the poor nation under UN power....
24-02-2004, 17:23
*dirty conservatives*
even if they have this plan, i doubt that the UN will allow them, and people are sure to notice the decrease in the passing of such bills such as gay marriage and the like
and, if they do succeed, they'll have us to trifle with!!
long live the liberal regime!!!
Rose-Colored Glasses
16-05-2004, 21:47
I, as the Diplomatically elected Delegate of Gatesville, am apalled to see such a negative response to our inner-regional propoganda. I am also surprised to see a poll being taken but not allowing any response other than completely negative or neutral. If this were truly a proper voting atmosphere, wouldn't there be a response allowing nations to be positive about Gatesville?

It is truly shameful, especially since we of Gatesville do not come to this forum and write horrible things about regions that any nation passing through may see. We may be antiUN, but at least we have the common courtesy to keep our propoganda to ourselves. We have alwas done everything by the rules, are doing everything by the rules, and will always do everything by the rules. And if we are deleted from NationStates because of that, then who exactly is in the wrong. We would be being deleted for our viewpoints and not because we did anything contrary to the rules of the realm. And doesn't that go against freedom of speech, press, and religion?

I am sorry if I sound rather harsh, but seeing here in this thread that the only accepted responses to Gatesville are neutral and negative is very disheartening. We don't threaten nations outright, we don't pick on other regions, we simply want to change the UN because we feel most of the resolutions being created and passed by the current powers that be are sucking the sovreignty out of each and every nation in this realm.

That is how we feel, and there is nothing wrong with it. Sure, we may sound pretty rough around the edges when you read only what is being posted on this thread for you to see, but we're really just like any other region. We just happen to have much more vigor and determination in our future goals.

Thank you for your time.

~*Mikorya Daelimae Rikard*~
Regional Delegate of Gatesville
Spokeswoman for the High Council
Diplomat of Rose-Colored Glasses
16-05-2004, 21:52
Let them be.

We are also a member of an anti-UN region. As of now we remain neutral, unless Kryozerkia has a say. We find it offensive that people won't let Gatesville be. If there is further aggrevation, we will change our stance. Gatesville has an ally, ALSN...