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Anybody here play Civ 3?

02-05-2003, 09:18
Or for that matter other "god" games like Alpha Centauri, Civ 1/2, Masters of Orion, etc? Something tells me most of us do.
02-05-2003, 12:11
umm yeh id agree with that statement. :D
Ive played Civ, AphaCenturi, the sims etc etc etc :P
I tend to play the "god" ones more through.

Im not too keen on the war stratigey games :(

02-05-2003, 19:05
Me neither... they're okay, but I prefer to mess with taxes and luxuries and all the other boring stuff ;)
02-05-2003, 19:39
Play Black & White.

You actually are a god in that game.
02-05-2003, 19:46
Being a "god" in B&W isn't all that. You have less power than you have in, for example, Dungeon Keeper (which is a neat game on his own, with a crummy sequel)

I liked Civ 2, played it for at least a year, and was tempted to buy Alpha Centauri, and after it, Civ: Call To Power. I was very disappointed.

But Civ3 was a very good game, with much more diplomatic possibilities, a far better resources method (although it still strikes me than you have to find horses, but elephants are abundant), and the "culture" mechanic, which we were all fond of.

Can anyone tell me if Master Of Orion #3 is worth the money?

I liked MOO2, but is Master Of Orion #3 worth the money?
02-05-2003, 20:12
I bought the original Civ when it first came out back in the good old days on the Amiga, later on I also got Colonisation - a class game if you ask me. Once I got a PC a few years later CivII was the first game on it. I loved Duneon Keeper and its add on game (The Deeper Dungeons) but like Gratica didnt really like number 2. I was somewhat disappointed with Alpha Centauri and Black and White as well. But CivIII is a worthy addition I feel.
02-05-2003, 20:32

Say, have you seen this site?
02-05-2003, 20:51
your open and shameless pursuit of 'civ3' is offensive to thinkers such as myself.
02-05-2003, 20:54
Civ 3 does take thinking if you want to actually be GOOD at the game.
02-05-2003, 21:03
it pains me to see you supporting civ3 at the expense of intellectual progress, human dignity, and virtually any other worthwhile value.
Let me remind you that we are living in the third millenium, and urge you to put your civ3 aside as the relic that it is.
02-05-2003, 22:40
Civ3 is THE game as far as I am concerned. It IS intellectual progress. Almost too addictive though ....

I only play on Deity level, 16 civs on a huge map .... don't win often, but it's satisfying when I do.

The Civfanatics forum is the only other one I look at.