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Civil Aviation Securities Act - Proposal Idea

30-05-2008, 14:57
Kinda got bored about all the weapon/torture/war resolutions on the WA, so I decided to draft something....different. I wrote this hoping it wasn't too restrictive on member states' freedoms to do what they want with their own country, while keeping people/odd lifeforms and their property safe in the sky ;) Please comment, very willing to edit before formal proposal is made...

Civil Aviation Securities Act

Political Stability - mild

The World Assembly,
DEFINING civil aviation as any airborne activity being carried out by civilians in the service of civilians,

ALARMED at the ease of militaristic attacks on civil aircraft,

CONCERNED about the safety of civilian passengers and goods on airborne vehicles,

REGRETTING any and all previous attempts to induce a state of enhanced danger, fear and insecurity during a civilian flight,

ACKNOWLEDGING the dangers of such attempts and the need to prevent further attacks,

REALIZING there is currently no resolution in effect by the WA which adequately covers civilian air travel and trade,

CONVINCED that civil aviation is an economically prosperous industry and essential mode of travel, and that the safety and security of its passengers and cargo are of utmost importance,

RECOMMENDS the following articles be implemented in Member States with immediate effect:

(1) Urges member states to install and maintain security zones at points between ground-based and air-based transport,

(2) Encourages member states to strictly define International Zones as areas beyond departure immigration control at any air transport facility to a similar arrival control point at another air transport facility in a separate country, to prevent non-travellers and non-travelling cargo from entering such zones, and to monitor such zones for suspicious illegal activity,

(3) Authorizes member states’ rights to intervene any such suspicious activity with force pursuant to previous WA resolutions if required,

(4) Calls for the creation of a neutral Civil Air Transport Security Agency (CATSA) to oversee the safety and security of civil aviation
a. Declares that all civil aircraft be registered and affirmed as “civil” by the CATSA

(5) Demands that member states may not attack any civilian aircraft that does not pose an immediate danger to the host country's national security without first reaffirming said aircraft’s identity with CATSA in Clause 4,
a. Requests that member states first attempt to guide the questionable aircraft down to a controlled facility for civil clearance before attempting to remove the aircraft’s ability to fly safely,
b. Further requests that all passengers and cargo be detained first and have nations involved conduct diplomatic talks before other forceful attacks are made

(6) Condemns any member state that does not comply with CATSA directives, in particular any false identification of “civility” in aircraft which are not civil or which are not carrying out civil duties.

Hope you enjoy it :)
31-05-2008, 02:08
Category? Strength?

Cerys Coch, Permanent Undersecretary
St Edmund
31-05-2008, 12:19
All previous UN resolutions are now, whether one likes the fact or not, no longer in effect... and therefore need not be mentioned here.
31-05-2008, 14:07
Sorry bout that - I'll edit.