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WA taxation ban

25-05-2008, 22:39
I noticed that the "deceased" governing body had a resolution just like this passed all the way back in 2003. After seeing it, I thought that it could be nice to see it implemented into the WA. I was planning to add some thing like: "unless given permission to do so by the government of that nation." But I believe that would fall under the option category, so I just kept it like this:

Description: The WA shall not be allowed to collect taxes directly from the citizens of any member state for any purpose.

What are your opinions on this? ...Proposed by The Empire of Braidwood.
25-05-2008, 22:57
the government of the emperor of urgench feels that this ban would go too far and would probably be unwise

yours, Nogai, khan of tabagatai, minister of foreign affairs of urgench
25-05-2008, 23:27
My nation officially states its support for this proposal.

We do not believe an international organization has the right to breech national sovereignty to impose taxs upon the citizens of a country.

-Andrei Matthews, Ambassador to the WA from the United Socialist States of Jordenistan
26-05-2008, 18:05
You're illegal, you can't copy and paste a resolution that you're not the original author of.