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Religious rituals

12-05-2008, 18:06
I was wondering if WA should propose an outlaw of religious/non religious rituals consisting of extreme violence for member states.
Charlotte Ryberg
12-05-2008, 18:16
I'm sorry, but outlawing extreme religions is something that comes under ideological bans. I think the WA needs to stay away from specific religion, since biasing towards one will make others alienated.
12-05-2008, 18:59
I would imagine that a proposal could be written that would side-step the Ideological Ban restriction. I've seen it done in the past, though it's never passed.

I wouldn't rule it out as an idea, but do tread carefully.
Quintessence of Dust
12-05-2008, 19:13
Barbaric acts are barbaric whether committed in the name of a religion or not; I would have no problem with the WA prohibiting such, although I'm sure the legislation would need to be carefully worded. You would also be presented with the tricky issue of consent: can someone 'volunteer' to be sacrificed?

-- Samantha Benson
14-05-2008, 00:15
As a matter of fact, they can. Religious fervor does strange things to people, and there are people who would see it as the highest honor to be sacrificed in the name of their god or gods. And not all sacrifice ends in death, although I assume that's the form you meant.

Not that I, or my nation, would endorse any such activities anyway. We may be religious nutballs, but we're civilized religious nutballs, and would never permit sacrifices of any kind.

Serifina Karin
Wierd Anarchists
14-05-2008, 05:13
We agree with Samantha Benson. We would not support a proposal which makes differences between religious or non-religious behaviour, because we think what matters is what people do. We mind what people think, but we do not interfere on thoughts. (We are not religious either, but people can think in supernatural things if they like.)

We ban killing and torture people already in our nation. We would like that also be in all World Assembly nations.

So we could support proposals in that direction.

Greetings from the Wierd Anarchists
15-05-2008, 00:08
This would certainly be a very, very tricky proposal to write. The Narnian Kingdom of Fotar would most likely not support it, though that would depend on the exact wording.

One of our largest concerns is what defines "extreme"? What may seem extreme to one nation may be completely normal to another. We feel it would be best to just drop this idea all together.
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