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26-04-2008, 17:25
support my proposal

We need to provide a safe and healthy environment for our poor and defenseless national animals. Our national animals are the symbols of our Nation. I noticed that countless of animals are suffering and dying out. If our animals are at the brink of extinction, it is like saying that our Nation is falling with them.

(A).First we need to solve this problem form the source.

1. We need to lightly tax all businesses in order to get the proper funding, so we can enhance their delicate ecosystems.

2.But, we need to heavily tax the Wood cutting, Automobile manufacturing, and Uranium mining industries for the damage they have caused.

3.We need to help The Industries become greener, so they won't harm the animals' home in the future.

And remember that the fruit of our Nations' pride is in the welfare of our beloved animals.
Steel Butterfly
26-04-2008, 17:29
Wrong place, buddy
26-04-2008, 19:27
Moved: Nationstates > WA
Quintessence of Dust
27-04-2008, 19:11
Perhaps it shouldn't just be the 'national animals', but animals in general.

Also, you might think about what type of policies should be adopted: waste management? emission restrictions? use or non-use of certain machines or technologies?

This is a good idea, but at present it's not much more than that.

-- Samantha Benson
Congressional Liaison, Office of WA Affairs
Quintessence of Dust, Delegate of Wysteria
28-04-2008, 03:24
While the residents (and leader) of Fotar certainly have a very strong attachment to our national animal (the red fox) and are not very happy that their status recently was changed to endangered in my nation...we would not be supporting this proposal.

For one...there is that evil word that automatically nixes much of any chance of our It is one thing to have a tax for something that will help the citizens...but for the animals? Now, it is important to note that, as a Narnian kingdom, there are animals in in our nation that are intelligent and enjoy full rights as citizens. However, we are talking about the dumb animals here. They are not citizens and are not intelligent life...therefore to spend money on them that could be spent on our citizens is not a thrilling prospect in the least.

Next is the issue of the 2nd clause...about the heavy taxing of wood cutting, automobile manufacturing and uranium mining. What of the nations where their economy is made chiefly up of these three, or even just one of these three? Is it right to collapse a nation's economy for the animals? What would this proposal do to help those economies that it promptly collapses?
~King of the Narnian Kingdom of Fotar
~Vice-Chancellor of the Council of Narnia (
28-04-2008, 05:54
Our nation has long held homo sapiens sapiens (and, upon its development, homo sapiens simulacrum) to be vastly superior to our... animalian comrades. For years, we have allowed other species of animals to die away, with no concern from our citizens nor changes in our behaviors. As such, the only remaining animal in our nation is the domesticated cat [which does not run around free, as our website might suggest].

Therefore, we will never support such a resolution.