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DRAFT: International Nation Codes

Charlotte Ryberg
04-04-2008, 21:22
This is a new topic discussing the implementation of the standards of International Nation Codes. The final product will outline the criteria for the assignment of country codes, and establish a registry to keep track of them.

There will be six stages in this project: the first stage of the project is Feasibility.

We need to consider whether it will affect nations for better or worse. We have to think whether defunct nations or Non-member nations not obtain codes in order conserve available capacity. We also need to think how many letters or numbers we need, and we also need to think if we need to implement more than one type of identification code systems in this resolution.

I think that there has to be a standard for identifying the origin of many things quickly, and therefore an International nation code system(s) is required. For example, a country telephone code identifies a country, for example 1 means real-life America while 44 is real-life UK. Of course Real life references are prohibited in the WA so we have to be creative.

I think we need to consider certain scenarios like:

Telephone Codes such as +100 or +44.
Nation Codes: perhaps in multiple forms so CHAR, CHR and CR both mean Charlotte Ryberg for example.
TLD Domain codes such as .dk .se and .jp.

Participation should be optional, but if we establish a great system then we can attract as many UN nations as possible.

We also need to think whether this will actually affect the game mechanics, or simply become a reliable database of nation identification codes.

I welcome any thoughts.
04-04-2008, 21:24
This proposal will not fly UNLESS the Book-keeping category is revamped and added to the category list. Don't even bother working up your text until that happens ... and bear in mind that the thread about it was started in 2006.