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Conservation of Endangered Species.

Venerable libertarians
03-04-2008, 22:55
Conservation of Endangered Species

A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category : Environmental
Industry Affected : All Businesses
Proposed by : Venerable libertarians

Description : In these times of Population growth expanding into environmentally sensitive areas of the NS world, with natural habitats being encroached. With over fishing and hunting of game running unchecked, a side effect is the ever greater numbers of animals on the brink of extinction. It is with these concerns we enact the Conservation of Endangered Species Bill.

Article 1: The Executive

On ratification by the World Assembly, the WA shall set up an executive body to monitor NS world wildlife numbers. The Executive shall decide what numbers apply to each level of animal population and what Species receive the title "Endangered" and the protections the title affords. The Executive shall control funding and see it is used where it is most required.

Article 2: Quotas.

International best practise should be adopted in forming quotas and heavy penalties should be applied if these quotas are broken. Imposition of quotas should ensure that total bans on fisheries or game hunting of a specific species should be a rare event.

Article 3: Education.

National governments are charged with educating local populations in the benefits of conservation of species that are heavily hunted within their national boundaries.

Article 4: Species of National Importance.

Where there are species regarded with a sense of national importance, National governments may apply conservation orders on that species within its own national boundaries and impose national restrictions to hunting of that species. These restrictions shall only apply within the National boundary and are not applicable to neighbouring Nations unless an agreement has been set by the neighbouring countries.
National Governments may set penalties for breaches of these national conservation orders.

Article 5: Monitoring

The WA in conjunction with National and Regional Governments, Non Governmental Organisations and Environmental agencies shall constantly monitor closely wildlife numbers in their area of concern. These numbers shall be tallied yearly so they may show increases or decreases in the numbers of wildlife. If considerable decrease or a recurring trend of decrease in population is noted local conservation attempts shall be instituted at a national level aided by local populations and national agencies.

Article 6: Capture and Breeding

If local populations decrease to a worrying level then local Zoological and Marine specialists shall step in to capture and breed, in an attempt to reverse the decrease in numbers. Also, if larger populations of the same animal exist in another part of the NS world steps should be taken to introduce new blood lines to the endangered species.
Local Bans shall be instituted on hunting of the endangered animal until such time as it is deemed safe to do so. Quotas shall then be applied to the hunting of the recovering species.

Article 7: Full Escalation.

Where a Species of animal has come dangerously close to world extinction levels, The WA shall impose a Full escalation of Protection to the species. All hunting of the species shall be expressly forbidden. Full funding shall be granted for the escalation of steps to conserve the species and to rebuild its population to an acceptable level for the species to recover. Criminal charges shall be brought against any individual or group in contravention to this.

This is a rewrite of NSUN resolution #119 UNCoESB. As the original author of that bill i am looking to resubmit the bill with regard to applying changes forced by the move from UN to WA.

Some points to note is that the bill is not based nor does it rely on the existance of other resolutions to back it up. It also had very little reference to the old organisation and as such was quite easy to meld into a new Bill for the WA.

If you wish to read the original it can be found here...
Also as a resubmission i would be interested in hearing anyones thoughts on the points of the bill and any suggestions to any changes that should be made.
03-04-2008, 23:03
I'd approve it, though you should detail what the heavy penalties for not filling a quota would be.
04-04-2008, 02:25
I'd approve it, though you should detail what the heavy penalties for not filling a quota would be.

No, you shouldn't. You should do what you do, and leave it for the gnomes to be vindictive about later. Trust me, we bureaucrats like having room for arbitrary vindictiveness.

Cerys Coch, Permanent Undersecretary
04-04-2008, 20:11
Seigfried cocked an eyebrow. "No offense to the Undersecretary, but Catawaba does not allowing room for arbitrary vindictiveness. I'll second for an explanation of the extent to which fines can be levied."

He glanced down with concern at the proposal sitting on the milkcrate amongst the rubble that was serving as his desk. "I think an definition of what qualifies a species to be on the endangered list is in order. Is it a specific percentage? Also, shouldn't plants be added as well as animals, if the conservation of endangered species is your goal?"

"Article three is particularly...well, weak. There is no mandate of what that education should contain. It leaves that article wide open to abusive non-compliance."

He pushed his glasses back up his nose and scanned down the list. "Article Four seems...odd and brings to light a question to the entire proposal. You allow nations to protect their national creature, but are they not allowed to protect other species within their borders? Or is that the realm of the World Assembly? It would seem that a nation has now the right to protect any species that it sees fit, and that this proposal would limit their ability to protect animals that were not national symbols."

"As to Article Seven, what charges are you going to levy? Will they be international charges? Or will you be forcing member nations to charge and try individuals?"

Hayden crossed his arms. "It is my first inclination not to support this proposal. My government does not like the extreme sort of infringement that this proposal will allow. Also, we do not like the idea of handing arbitrary decisions of what species are to be protected to an extranational entity. Yes, yes, national soveriegnty has not weight in deciding legality of a proposal, but it does weigh heavy in voting decisions."
Quintessence of Dust
05-04-2008, 15:31
One suggestion: this would be an ideal proposal with which to establish a new environmental agency in the fashion of the soon-to-be-defunct UNEA. This could serve the purposes of the executive mentioned in Article 1, and then be used in other proposals for other environmental ends. We particularly like Article 3, but perhaps it could be broadened to include general education on conservation and ecology.

-- Samantha Benson
Congressional Liaison, Department of Confusion & Uncertainty
Quintessence of Dust, Delegate of Wysteria
Venerable libertarians
08-04-2008, 18:39
Lord Byron stood up from his moss covered rock to address the assembled soot covered delegates...
"Honourable Delegates, As with all other resolutions this bis will be restricted by the character limit and lets face it who wants to read any bill listing detailed penalties and controls not to mention the extinction levels for the Malified Ububoo bear of lesser Antigula? This is in fact why the "executive" has been made part of the resolution so that it will decide what are the fundamentals to be applied in all areas of conservation of species.
This Bill simply puts in place the regulatory foundation for the executive to go about this honourable work. This bill gives the executive a mandate from the World Assembly to go forth and identify and act where there are specific conservation requirements so local populations can continue to enjoy the diversity of species we have been blessed with. The Bill allows local indigenous populations to continue time honoured hunting traditions and the executive are charged with educating all with regard to conservation of their own local wildlife stocks. I humbly beseech all delegates to take this into consideration when considering the role of the executive in the text of the proposed bill."

Byron sat again on his damp rock noting that the assembly needed to get indoors before the rainy season comes.
08-04-2008, 20:15
Drat it all. "Conservation of Endangered Species" won't fit. "Endangered Species Conservation" is even long by one character. Eh. "Endangered Species Act," maybe? "Endangered Species Agreement"?
08-04-2008, 21:09
Does this proposal only protect international fauna? If so then then why not call it "Endangered Animal Conservation"?

Richard York
Cookeslandic Delegate
08-04-2008, 22:13
I don't want to be rude but Article Two is...ummm...garbage the way it is written. I understand what it is saying, but not how it is said. The second sentance should probably be rewritten to be clearer, and I don't even understand what "International best practise should be adopted" means. What is 'international best practise'?
Nueva Terra
08-04-2008, 23:37
I approve of any proposals to improve the quality of uhman life and our fair planet.
WA Building Mgmt
09-04-2008, 04:33
Byron sat again on his damp rock noting that the assembly needed to get indoors before the rainy season comes.

We plan to begin construction on the WA building just as soon as we finalize the blueprints and our insurance claims on the UN building get processed.

William Smithers
Senior VP
WA Building Management