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WA Taxation Ban

03-04-2008, 18:12
Category: Free Trade, Strength: Significant, Proposed by Aatesio
RECALLING the former UN resolution #4, which was declared ineffective by the first WA resolution: The World Assembly,

IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that the WA or its successors shall not be allowed to collect taxes directly from the citizens of any member state for any purpose.

Since the current resolution on vote is about to repeal all UN resolutions, I decided it would be a good idea to re-implement the good old UN taxation ban. The text is almost the same, however I put it in the category Free Trade because this resolution decreases taxes instead of increasing them.

Do you think this is a good resolution?
03-04-2008, 20:03
Not gonna happen. Straight plagiarism with a line that points to something that is being decommissioned just doesn't fly as far as I'm concerned.

We're still working on a proper ruling for plagiarized content over in the Moderation forum, but right now sentiment is overwhelmingly on the side of "no way, Jose".
Decapod Ten
03-04-2008, 20:39
also..... hate to be a bother...... but i already began work on the exact same thing.
03-04-2008, 20:55
also..... hate to be a bother...... but i already began work on the exact same thing.

As have probably a dozen players who bypassed the forums and just dumped the old one back into queue. It's perfectly legal for different players to be working on the same concept at the same time. It's even legal to use the same name, though it's not the smartest thing you could have done.

Still, my original statement about plagiarism still stands, as does Hack's comment in your thread about how neither does a damn thing to clarify the problems.
Decapod Ten
03-04-2008, 21:20
touche.... i thought it was covered by the Duplication section of the rules, but upon further review that only applies to resolutions...... my bad....