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Could someone please...?

Steel Butterfly
02-04-2008, 21:22
...tell me what happened? Haha I'm not a UN nation and have found myself quite shocked at what has become of it. Not that it truly affects me...but at the same time I'm interested. I read that the U.N. imploded? How? Why? What happened?
02-04-2008, 21:31
Read the news, man. (
02-04-2008, 21:31
Read (, and vanquish ignorance!
02-04-2008, 22:24
Scelestus smiled blandly at everyone as they tried to get readjusted after the burning of their favored bar. The people coming in to ask about it were getting some amusing reactions, actually, with everyone slinging newspapers at the newcomers. "I didn't die. Good enough," he said with a smile. Slowly, he got up, and pinned a large piece of paper to the wall.

Now up for approval in the WA:
The Poe Policies

1- While a nation's government maintains the right to monitor released works, the ruling body cannot ban these works from being circulated outside of their own boundaries.

2- If a written piece is banned within a nation, it may not simply be destroyed or withheld by the ruling body. Instead, the writer is allowed to have it printed in another nation (as long as this other nation is willing to accept the work).

3- Only if no nations accept a work may it fall out of print entirely.

If you are a delegate and agree with the thoughts herein, please report to the World Assembly and give your support (can currently be found on page 7)

Scel sat down again, looking at the paper cheerily. "Ah... That's better!"
02-04-2008, 22:28
This isn't the bar thread you're looking for. Move along, move along.